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Gilbert Bachour is a strategic mind with over 12 years of experience working at the intersection of business modelling, product innovation and brand marketing, specializing in brand and communications strategy. He has worked with a range of high-profile clients such as Apple, Airbnb, Google, Zalando and the European Commission. He works on global level and has deep expertise in the US, EU and Middle East markets. He develops strategies born from an entrepreneurial mindset: distinctive, adaptive, evolving. Gilbert has a deep understanding of consumer culture, technology, market trends and the zeitgeist. He develops comprehensive brand foundations and insight-based comms strategies.
His work combines strategic elegance with a creative punch 👊.

What others say

Jens Urbaniak – CEO DrSmile

„Gilbert was recommended to me by a common friend from San Francisco. When he joined he made a difference from day one with his positive attitude, passion and empathy. He created a comprehensive insight-based and customer-centric brand foundation and also comms strategy (short and long term). He truly advanced DrSmile as a love brand and set us apart from the competition. He is both — a strategic analytical thinker as well as a highly creative mind. Absolutely a charm working with him. Anytime again.“


/* He questions the red-hot center, and looks for magic in the margins. He favors longevity over right now and agility over perfection. He likes his work to be intellectually elegant, strategically straightforward with a creative punch. Above all, radical curiosity drives his work.*/

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